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Green House Smartization

In Order to save a lot more on your green house products and have a cost-effective way of production you require some sensors and smart technologies to help you achieve that point for which we are explaining it below;


Sensors are the first equipment required by all smart greenhouses which we have mentioned the list below;

Outdoor Sensors;





Indoor Sensors;



Light Levels



Plant & Soil;

Volumetric Water Content

Leaf Wetness


Soil Water Potential


After sensors we need Equipment Control devices in order to let the sensors work properly on time and whenever needed for which we are listing some of the requirements below;

Equipment Control Devices

Shade Canopies

Dosing & Irrigation Controls

Lighting System

Passive / Active cooling


Harvesting Equipment

Spraying Equipment

Door Locks

Security Cameras

Foggers & Humidifiers

So now we have the two main important requirements to have a Smart Greenhouse the two last part which are amongst the most important facts in having and handling a smart greenhouse is these two sections;

Remote Management;

Smart Phone App

Web Portal

SMS Alerts


Historic Data

Plant Growth

Supplier Data

Packaging Data

Crop Pricing

Labor Schedules

The above-mentioned section will help you to organize and handle your green house like a pro and save money on your timing, harvesting and a lot more after all of these you need a team beside you to help you analyze the data collected by the machines and transferring to a machine learning devices where at end of the day you will have your easiest harvests.


What we in FSE Green Team provide you, we can provide you with all the required Sensors and Remote Management device and if required by you we will sit beside you and help you the get best of your new transferred Smart Greenhouse.

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