Smart Villa

Think Smart, Be Automated

Smart Villa Projects and Solutions

Smart Home and Villa Project Department of Future Sky Equipment aims to give comfort and worry-free living experience to the Home Owners. It is composed of different services that will provide solutions to your every need. 

With Smart Villa, we are committed to giving you more comfort, more security, and more cost reduction for your home. With the use of advanced technology, you will be able to control the whole villa or home remotely. This includes Lighting system, Sound system, Blinds and curtains, Temperature, Door access, Entertainment room, and other tailored solution as per your requirement.

We also offers interior design solutions for your villa from A-Z. We can make your dream villa come to life or give you different options to choose from. 

We will help you in the design up to furnishing, all fully customizable to meet your dream home.

We offer Smart Villa Projects in three (3) different sections listed below:

1.   Conceptualize the interior design, Smartization, and furnishing of the new villa. 
2.  Renovation (if needed), modification, modernization, “smartization“, and furnishing of your current villa. 
3.  Yearly contract for maintenance of your villa.



Service Selection

Future Sky Equipment offers a whole 14 different services that you can choose from. This includes the smart security system, smart access, smart gym,  and many more.

To check the services that we offer, please click on the link below:

How to get started? 

Click the link and complete the short form to get an online or on-site consultation with our Engineers.  

We will be providing tailored made solutions and programs as per your Villa requirement. 


How much do our services cost?

Future Sky Equipment offers the most Competitive Consultation Solutions when it comes to Smart Homes and Villas. We are more focused on the Solution and Value we will give to the homeowners and makes sure to give comfort, safety, convenience, and a worry-free home experience. 

To get a quotation, complete the form bellow and we will get in touch with you to visit and assess your Villa. 



What are the benefits of our services?

With our complete Consultation and Technical Services, we will make sure that the Villa provides comfort, safety, and convenience to each member of the family or the people residing in the Villa. 

We offer you peace of mind in the whole process as we will take care of making the villa smart.  We guarantee great results and we will make sure that this will bring a great and worry-free living experience.

Think Smart, Be Automated”