Smart Green House

Think Smart , Be Automated

What is our offer for your green house

We believe your Greenhouse acts as a factory which means you need to reach the highest amount of production with the lowest possible cost, to achieve this goal we will provide you with suitable solutions and equipment’s to monitor and analyze the results.  


Our services are divided in three different sections which are as follow;

  1. Create and run new projects.

  2. Modifying your current system.

  3. Make yearly contract for maintenance of your current systems.


Guidance to select the suitable service;

We are providing 20 different services for your Greenhouse where you can select one or more as per your requirements, our engineers are always ready to assist and give consultation about your needs.



How can you get a consultation from our engineers?

You just need to click assist me button below and fill up the form, then we will contact you and set an online or at site meeting with you, hear your needs and provide the best solution.




How much does our services cost?

We have tried to keep our service cost rock bottom compared to our competitors but what we are mainly focusing on is the service you are getting from us.


What are the benefits of our services?

One of the main benefits of the services we are providing is that you will have peace of mind and you don’t need to be worried about the depreciation of your instruments and in this way, you will have more time to think and increase your income and reduce your expenses.


What are our main advantages?

We do have a good team at our back offices with different expertise consist of Automation, Business, Accounts and Management and etc. whom will try their level best to provide the best suitable and cost-effective solution for your business.





Here in Future Sky “Project Team” we have slogan which we believe in;

“Think Smart, Be Automated”