Smart Greenhouse

Think Smart, Be Automated

Our Smart Greenhouse Offer

Future Sky Equipment Smart Greenhouse Project Division is committed to providing excellent service to Greenhouse Owners or Small-Scale Farmers by Automating the Greenhouse with the use of Sensors, Controllers, and Monitoring Devices that will result in maximizing the profit with the optimum input combination.

The Greenhouse Project Services are divided into three (3) different sections listed below:

1.   Conceptualizing, Planning, and Building New Greenhouses.

2.   Modification and improvement of Existing Greenhouses.

3.   Yearly Contract for Technical and Maintenance Monitoring.


Service Selection:

Future Sky Equipment understands that Greenhouses have different requirements according to the scale of operations and crops grown, thus, we provide various services that you can choose from. To see the list of services, please click the link below:

How to get started? 

Click the link and complete the short form to get an online or on-site consultation with our Engineers.  

We will be providing tailored made solutions and programs as per your Greenhouse requirement. 


How much do our services cost?

Future Sky Equipment offers the most Competitive Consultation Solutions when it comes to Greenhouse Services. We are more focused on the Solution and Value we will give to the Greenhouse owners and makes sure that their concerns are resolved and the yield is at its maximum.

To get a quotation, complete the form above and we will get in touch with you to visit your Greenhouse.

What are the benefits and advantages of our services?

With our complete Consultation and Technical Services, we will make sure that your Greenhouse is functioning at its optimal level. With a regular technical check-up of the overall system, tools, and machinery, we can make sure that there will be no pest, climate, or human error that will happen. 

We guarantee you peace of mind with our Greenhouse crop production and crop protection process. 

We have a team of experts in Automation, Business Plan Process, Accounting, and Management who will help you not only in Automating your Greenhouse but also in the overall Business Management.


“Think Smart, Be Automated”