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Our Services for Smart Bulding
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Smart Facade Lighting System

Building façade lighting can make your property stand out and give a stopping power to the people who will see it. We will help you in the design and installation of these exterior lighting system which will make the building stand out from the rest. 
On top of the high quality designs, this can also be an attraction for investors and tenants. This is also economical in terms of power saving ability. The smart lighting system can also be easily controlled in your control room including the color variations, timings, and intensity of the lights. 

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Smart Lobby and Corridor Designs

Greet your tenants and visitors with high-end interior lobby designs that make them comfortable and want to stay more.

We offer to help you in having concept-based interior designs that will match the theme and overall aesthetic of the building. 

With the Smart Lobby and Corridor Designs - you will be able to easily adjust the brightness, intensity and color of the lights. There will be a smart command option or remotely managing of music and temperature.

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Smart Swimming Pool System

Smart Swimming pool system removes the worries in maintaining the building swimming pool.

First, we will help you with the overall aesthetic design of the swimming pool and its lighting system. 
Once the pool is built and is functional, you can fully monitor and control it remotely or on-site 

You will also be able to enable the cleaning system, control the water level, activate the lights inside the pool, check and adjust the water temperature which can all be done remotely.

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Smart Gym System

Smart gym system applies both to the management and monitoring of  facility, lighting, temperature, environment of the gym as well as tracking of the workouts and progress of the people using the facility. 

A smart gym system will let you have a record of the equipment you used, the duration of your exercise, and the corresponding estimated calories burned. 

We can also provide new equipment and maintain the existing ones. 

This will make the tenants and visitors want to stay more and enjoy the inside building gym.

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Smart Parking

Improve the parking system of your building through our services. Through this process, we will visit your building and assess its requirement. 

Some of the common services that we have include CO2 monitoring, Smart Route Guide and Label for Owners, Smart Lighting system, Smart Gates, Smart Car Wash Option, Parking for Electric Cars, and Bike Parking Allotments.

We also provide options for Parking Designs and Overall aesthetics.

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Indoor Smart Lighting System

Innovative and Sustainable Indoor Lighting System will help the  Building Management to reduce the energy consumption and operating cost.

We will help you in the design and installation of the Indoor Lighting system. You will be able control the lighting system by voice, through a control panel, online or even through your phone. It can also be activated either thru by detecting movement or motion or by setting specific time. 

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Smart Access System 

Smart Access System for building owners and users guarantee that only authorize users will be able to access specific rooms or areas of the building such as control panel room, pool area, security room, water pump room, and will notify or alarm if there is an attempt to access by unauthorized personnel. 

Building users can open doors through biometric access, access cards, eye detection, voice command, or by remotely approving the access of the doors without having to be physically present in the vicinity.

This system when activated or implemented to buildings will increase the level of security of the tenants and will increase the level of service and image of the building. 

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Smart Sound System

Control the music via voice-activation, mobile phone, tablet, computer, or any other online gadget via an online portal.

The Smart Sound system option will allow you to choose the kind of music to play in the area or room it is located and adjust the volume level as well.

Through this option, whenever someone is in the pool area, gym, sauna, spa, lobby, meeting room, or cinema, you will be able to control and play the appropriate music. 

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Smart Security Cameras

Secure and protect the building and all the people visiting and living in it with the Option of Smart Security Cameras.

Through this the whole vicinity inside and outside of the building will be fully monitored and secured. One of the features the tenants are looking for in a residential or commercial area is the safety of the building.

Peace of mind and safety are some of the key factors in deciding on getting a property.

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Online Monitoring System 

A centralized and remote monitoring system for the whole building is one of the main services you can get from our team. 

In here, you will be able to check the whole building, the lobby, corridors, pool, garden, facade lighting, interior lighting, temperature, and control the access of the people. 

This is fully customizable where we can add some other functions as per your requirement.

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General Maintenance  Archive

Modernize Building Maintenance and Record-Keeping to make sure that all the details about the history of the building maintenance are accessible to the management.

This option will keep all the data or records of building maintenance activities online which will make it easier to monitor and track. 

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We will be providing a Web Portal to the Building Manager where they can be able to see the schedule of activities, visits, history of transactions, and complete schedules of upcoming activities.

Also, through this portal, we will be providing page for the Bills and Payment transactions, and access to contact our Engineers for direct consultation.

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Immediate action through online consultation available 24/7 at your fingertips. Our technical support and engineers are available to help you out in maintaining the building and making sure that any issues are resolved right away.

Have peace of mind knowing that our team of experts got your back and is ready to help you anytime. 

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Our team of experts is ready to help you and go to your location right away for any issues or concerns in the building.

Our technicians will also have a regular visit to your building to make sure that there will be no unprecedented problem that will happen.

Regular checking and maintenance will give you and your tenants peace of mind and will increase the trust of the investors knowing that the building is safe, well-maintained, and has an advanced system and technology.

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What we can do for you:

Through our strategic system, your building will have a more advanced technology and system which will attract investors and tenants.

The overall aesthetic design, safety and comfortability of the building will allow the building owner to increase its market value.

The long run expenses will be reduced with the use of smart devices reducing the electricity consumption and lesser manpower requirement. 

We can offer a one time contract or contract that can be renewed yearly.

We can customize and give you the best solution based on your exact requirement.