Smart Bulding

Think Smart, Be Automated

Smart Building Offers

Future Sky Equipment launches the Project for Smart Buildings for Newly Built and Existing Buildings. The goal of the Project is to Automate the Processes of the Building to give more comfort, security, and productivity to the Building occupants and reduce operating costs for the Building operators. A comfortable and secured place will attract occupants and in turn, benefit the Building owners and operators.  

We offer Smart Building Projects in three (3) different sections listed below:

1.     Create and run new projects.

2.    Modification, Renovation, and Improvement of Existing Buildings.

3.    Yearly Contract for Technical and Maintenance Monitoring for Smart Buildings.


Services Selection

Future Sky Equipment offers a whole 13 different services that you can choose from. This includes the lighting system, façade renovation, smart security and  access, smart gym, smart management  and many more.

To check the services that we offer, please click on the link below:



How to get started? 

Click the link and complete the short form to get an online or on-site consultation with our Engineers.  

We will be providing tailored made solutions and programs as per your Building requirement. 




How much do our services cost?

Future Sky Equipment offers the most Competitive Consultation Solutions when it comes to Smart Building Services. We are more focused on the Solution and Value we will give to the building owners and makes sure to attract more tenants or occupants and increase the value of the property.

To get a quotation, complete the form above and we will get in touch with you to visit and assess your Building.  


What are the benefits of our services?

With our complete Consultation and Technical Services, we will make sure that the building provides comfort, safety and will attract more occupants, will increase the market value, and delay the depreciation of the structure.

We offer you peace of mind in the whole process as we will take care of making the building smart.  We guarantee great results and will make sure that this will bring value and benefit to you and the occupants.

Think Smart, Be Automated”