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Controlling, monitoring, and maintaining the right temperature inside Greenhouse is important to make sure that the greenhouse operates at an optimum level.
All these three (controlling, monitoring, and maintaining) can be made available and accessible both onsite and online.

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Sensing, controlling, and monitoring humidity is as important as keeping the right temperature for the Greenhouses.
Keeping the proper level of humidity inside the greenhouse will avoid serious problems like pathogens and pests and will let your plants grow properly.
Our team can provide on-site and online monitoring of the Humidity level in your Greenhouses.

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Electrical Conductivity

Electrical Conductivity (EC) measures how well a fluid accommodates the transport of electrical charge. By maintaining a Target EC, you supply plants with nutrients at an optimal level.
Therefore, Greenhouse Owners have to make sure that the electrical conductivity is monitored, controlled and maintained.

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CO2 Level Monitoring

CO2 is needed in the process of photosynthesis and to maximize the growth and development of plants. Having the right level of CO2 will result in optimal yield and productivity of the Greenhouses.
We provide solutions in making sure that the CO2 level inside your greenhouse will not drop below the desired level.
Find out more on how to monitor and control CO2 on site and online by contacting our team.

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Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture Monitoring and Control is an important aspect of plant production. With the right level of water in the soil, the plant will grow and develop to its optimum level. Too much water in the soil or inadequate water will both harm the plants.
Thus, we provide a sensor that can either be used manually or installed in the greenhouse for full monitoring of the moisture level in the soil.

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The lighting system in greenhouses

Generally, greenhouses need 6hours per day of full sun, especially during winter. Without adequate light, plants will not be able to photosynthesize and will eventually die.
If having 6 hours of full sunlight is not possible, supplemental lighting is done to make sure the plants are able to make sugar or their own food in order to grow.
The lighting system inside a greenhouse can be programmed and control. Depending on the type of crop, the time of year, and how much sunlight is available, the lighting system is installed and programmed.
We conduct installation and programming of lights in greenhouses which can be controlled manually or remotely.

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Proper Irrigation is one of the key factors in having a high-yielding greenhouse. There are different types of Greenhouse Irrigation, but the most commonly used is drip tubing.
Having an automated irrigation system is now being implemented in most greenhouses as well where there will be minimal to no manual intervention other than monitoring or surveillance.
The Automated Irrigation system will require timers, sensors, and some programming to fully function.
We have the complete package for Automating the Irrigation system of your greenhouses.

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Volumetric Water Content

Proper Irrigation systems and scheduling will help the plants in greenhouses to develop and grow faster. This can be achieved if the volumetric water content (VWC) is monitored and controlled. We provide software and sensors to monitor the VWC which is easy to install, use, and understand. This will help the greenhouse owner or manager to identify the watering schedule, save water use, and increase greenhouse productivity and profitability. 

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Security Camera for Greenhouse

Monitoring your greenhouse is now made easy with the use of a Smart Control System. We provide the cameras, do the installation, and let you monitor and control it anywhere in the world.
You will be able to see what is happening and if there is any issue or problem inside the greenhouse 24/7.

It will improve the overall function of your greenhouse and subsequently increase productivity. There will be an option to put voice or alarm thru the camera if you wish to.
Get to know more information about this by contacting us!

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Access Control System in Greenhouses

We provide Access Control System Solutions that will increase the accessibility of the greenhouse for workers. Thru this system, you will be able to monitor who comes in and goes out of the greenhouse and maintain high security in the greenhouse.

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Accounting System

We provide Accounting Package as part of our Smart System according to your needs. The package can cover the overall system for handling the accounts, assets, liabilities, finances, payables, receivables, and VAT of your business. 

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Sales and Purchase Management

We provide Sales and Purchase Management System where you can process Generating Quotations, Invoicing, Customer Information Management, Vendor Management, Inventory, and Purchase of inputs for crop production that is all available online.

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Your accessibility and availability for both Vendors and Customers are important to be felt and remembered. The vendor and Customer portal allows you to have a good transaction history in the eyes of your vendors and suppliers. Through this option, they will be able to see all the Quotations, Offers, Invoices, Payments without having to request from you.

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HR Management

Effective Human Resource Management is one of the key factors in business growth and success. We provide an overall solution for monitoring the performance of every member of the organization. This will include monitoring and control of attendance, salary, staff roles and responsibilities as well as each member's growth within the organization.

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All the options for Customers, Staffs, Vendors, Inventory and other Greenhouse smart applications can be made available in one single app to easily monitor the transactions and processes of the Greenhouse.

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General Maintenance Archive

We are proving the option for Smart Maintenance Archive where you will be able to check and monitor online the equipment, machinery, and other Fixed Assets in the Greenhouse. Through this option, you will be able to see the acquisition and maintenance history of each item that you have as well. 

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Online Support

By taking our services, you will have online access to our Sales Engineers and have Online consultation and support with them as well. 

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Be worry free with our Engineers and Technicians all ready to help you in your business. We have a team who can do an onsite visit and check the requirement of your Greenhouse Facility. You will have our team ready to help you in case anything is needed on site. 

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What can we do for you?

By taking our service, you are well assured of a group that will take care of your business to maximize its full potential in an affordable manner.

We will give you the option to have our service either as a One-time Consultation where we will run the project and hand over all the tools to you; Long term partnership where we can do all the works and processes on a monthly or yearly contract to check, monitor and maintain the overall processes.

Think Smart, Be Automated